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CREATING HOPE THROUGH MUSIC: World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

One in every 100 deaths worldwide is the result of suicide. It can affect every one of us. Each and every suicide is devastating and has a profound impact on those around them. However, by raising awareness, reducing the stigma around suicide and encouraging well-informed action, we can reduce instances of suicide around the world. World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of suicide and to promote action through proven means that will reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts globally.

World Suicide Prevention Day, the 10th of September, is an opportunity for us to take a moment to think about this global issue, suicide. In response to this year's theme, OKUKO proposes six music-related actions to CREATE HOPE THROUGH MUSIC. This post provides musical ideas to help you, or a person you care about, to light the darkest moment.

1. Listen to a song that "feels good"

Simple it may seem, the power of this experience should never be underestimated. It can induce positive emotions and feelings in such a magical way. When was the last time you listened to "that song" that makes you feel good?

Self-help: listen to a song that "feels good" Help others: ask them if there is a song that makes them feel good, listen to it together, ask them how it felt

2. Listen to a song that gave you hope

You might also have this song that helped you when you felt,

I'm exhausted

It's all too much

I just want to disappear

It could be an upbeat song with positive lyrics or a heavy-mood song with lyrics describing our feeling somehow in such an accurate way. Perhaps, it could be the biggest-selling song of the year that you liked listening to on the radio during a car journey.

Listening to this kind of song can be a reminder of hope - you were going through a difficult time, but you have overcome many obstacles since then.

Self-help: listen to a song that gave you hope

Help others: ask them if there is any song that helped them in the past, ask them about it, listen to it together, ask them how it felt

3. Share that song with friends and family

How about having a chat with friends and family and talk about the song you like? Feeling connected is important to feel hopeful. It might sound like;

"This song feels so good and always makes me dance! I would love to know if you know this kind of song?"

"I listen to this song when I feel low. Do you have your favourite cheering-up song?"

"This song reminds me of us traveling. We had so much fun, didn't we?"

Self-help: talk about that song with your friends and family, ask your friends and family their favorite songs

Help others: ask them their favorite music in detail (song, musician, genre, music video, musical instrument, music venue, etc)

4. Get a new musical instrument

Getting a new musical instrument can be a nice little thing to do. Who didn't get excited when exploring all the instruments in a music classroom? Yes, it is something you can do today. It can be just a small and affordable one. You might be pleasantly surprised by it. Surfing the Internet is a great way to find your new toy. Music shops, second-hand shops, and ethnic shops are also excellent places to wonder. Playing a new musical instrument can be a lovely refreshing experience for your ears.

Self-help: get a new musical instrument, play it

Help others: get a new musical instrument for them, play it together if possible, ask them how it felt

5. Play music with the theme "hope" for one minute

How would you express "hope" in music? Which song would you sing?

Having a musical instrument is not essential. We can be creative in this - clapping hands, tapping a table, hitting a glass jar with chopsticks, shaking a salt grinder, humming, to list a few. Also, there are plenty of free musical instrument apps you can play with. It can be not only a lovely little musical moment but also a moment to think about what hope means to you.

Self-help: play music with the theme "hope"

Help others: suggest them to play music with the theme "hope", or just to play music together, ask them how it felt

6. Get music therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based psychological intervention for depression and anxiety, which can contribute to suicide. There are lots of musical activities that can improve mental health as listed above, but seeking professional help might be something you need. Music therapy is a non-judgmental, empathetic, and safe space for you to express yourself through music. Music therapy is for you if you find it difficult to talk, you are looking for a creative mental health service, or simply, you like music.

Would you like to see how OKUKO can support you to look after your mental health?

Please get in touch with us via contact form or email (

The steps below would be then followed.

Book an Assessment Session

(We will suggest potential dates for an assessment session for you.)

Assessment Session/s

(An assessment session aims for both of us to see how music therapy could meet your needs. It would be helpful for us to know the reason/s why you would like to have music therapy. There would be also a chance for us to play music together.)

Consent Form

(After the assessment, if you agree to start a course of music therapy, we will ask you to fill in a consent form and will discuss a start date with you.)

Start Music Therapy


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